Thank you, <Downfall>

The website for the World of Warcraft guild <Downfall> will be hibernating for awhile. It has been a joy and honor to host our original out-of-game collaboration space since Vanilla. Below are links to the current <Downfall> online communities. Join us!
- Garreth


Discord logo

Downfall has moved mainly to Discord for both in-game voice chat and out-of-game collaboration. Discord is free and runs in both a browser and an app.

Join the <Downfall> Discord here


Downfall old site header

The old <Downfall> guild forums site is frozen in a non-interactive state. New posts, comments, and user account creation are all disabled. The site is also locked behind an .htaccess login and password.

Simply ask Garreth for the credentials to access the old <Downfall> guild website.


Keep in touch! If you're looking to get ahold of old guildies, try the Discord or Facebook links. If those don't work, contact Garreth here.